Memphis is a very special place, with a character, a texture, and a feel that doesn’t exist in the same way in any other city.

Memphis’ legendary personality is undoubtedly the reason that the city is mentioned in more song lyrics than any other place on earth. Location has plenty to do with it. Memphis’ powerful spot on the Mississippi River in the extreme southwest corner of Tennessee and its role as the biggest city in the Mid-South historically made the city a magnet for attracting people from all over the Delta, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Tennessee, northern Alabama, and Missouri.

This influx of people blended with the locals, creating an interesting and distinct confluence of cultures. This cultural convergence is inextricably woven into the fabric of Memphis’ history and is absolutely part of Memphis’ vibe today. It’s manifested in the people, in the places, in the food, in the culture, and in the history.

Getting Involved

There are countless ways you can get involved and make a difference in Memphis. All you have to do is open you heart and follow your passion.

There are babies to be rocked at the MED, tickets to be collected at community theaters and flower gardens to be tended. There are political campaigns to conduct, movies to screen, BBQ to be judged, and art exhibits to be explained. Whatever cause you desire to advance or learn more about, there is a place to you in Memphis.

Are we unique in Memphis about being community-minded and wanting to serve? You bet we are. Living in the “Volunteer State” of Tennessee, Memphians have built this community on compassion, leadership and service. We give, we get involved and we love it.

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What We Like About Memphis

“While Memphis is clearly known for its barbeque, I actually really enjoy trying out all the other types of restaurants in the city. You can try out somewhere different every weekend and never run out of new, original (and delicious!) places to eat….trust me, I’ve done it.”

“If you’re looking to volunteer, Memphis provides numerous opportunities to give back.”

“Moving to Memphis from Montana was a little intimidating, but the open and friendly nature of Memphians quickly put me at ease.”

“Memphis is teeming with live music. Any night of the week, you can find an eclectic mix of local bands playing at the various bars and restaurants throughout Midtown Memphis.”

“The cost of living is extremely low and very affordable even in some of the nicest areas in the city. I don’t know many other cities that offer as much entertainment and variety at such a reasonable cost.”

“One of my favorite things about Memphis is the live sporting events. This year alone, I have gone to a number of Grizzlies and Tigers basketball games and a professional boxing fight without ever leaving Memphis.”

“My husband and I enjoy attending the concerts at the Levitt Shell each summer. We pack a picnic dinner along with our lawn chairs and head out for a great evening. We get to relax and enjoy sitting under the stars while listening to the music of world-renowned popular, classical, country, jazz or blues artists.”

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