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Family Business Director is off enjoying 4th of July festivities this week. For our readers that are looking for some beach reading, we thought we would direct your attention to some of our more popular posts in case you missed them the first time around.

Three Questions to Consider Before Undertaking a Capital Project

Capital budgeting tools are ideal for answering the question: Is the proposed capital project financially feasible?  Too often, however, we see these tools being used to answer what seems to be a related question, but one that the tools are simply not designed to answer: Should we undertake the proposed capital project?  The first question opens the door to the second, but the tools of capital budgeting – no matter how sophisticated or quantitatively precise – cannot answer the second.  To answer the second question, family business directors need to consider three qualitative questions identified in this post.

Five Reasons Your Financial Projections Are Wrong

The good news – or maybe it’s the bad news, depending on your perspective – is that overly optimistic projections are not necessarily the result of intentional errors on the part of your family business managers.  Rather, behavioral economists tell us that humans are prone to overconfidence as a result of what they refer to as cognitive biases. In this post, we address five cognitive biases contributing to overly optimistic forecasts.

Capital Allocation

Determining the Right Hurdle Rate

How Good is Good Enough?

If family business directors are going to make good capital allocation decisions, they need to know what the right hurdle rate is.  If the hurdle rate is set too low, the family may experience weak future returns.  Setting the hurdle rate too high, however, introduces the risk that the family business will pass on attractive investment opportunities.  In this post, we consider how the hurdle rate relates to the weighted average cost of capital.

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