Mercer Capital provides financial education services and other strategic financial consulting to family businesses.

We help family ownership groups, boards, and management teams align their perspectives on the financial realities, needs, and opportunities of the business.

We also help family business boards and management teams explain strategic financial decisions to shareholders and help shareholders communicate preferences to boards and management teams.

We have had the privilege of working with successful family and closely held businesses for the past 35 years. Given our experience, we are convinced that an engaged and informed shareholder base is essential for the long-term health and success of a family or closely held business. Yet, cultivating an engaged and informed shareholder base is often difficult. We can help.


  • Board Retreats – Mercer Capital’s family business advisory professionals facilitate board retreats, with an emphasis on formulating strategic decisions with regard to distribution policy, capital budgeting, and capital structure.
  • Management Consulting – We work with family business management teams to assess hurdle rates, develop sustainable capital budgeting processes, identify target capital structures, evaluate potential acquisitions & divestitures, and analyze related strategic financial decisions.
  • Shareholder Education – Mercer Capital develops shareholder education curriculum tailored to unique issues facing your family business.
  • Shareholder Surveys – We design and administer confidential shareholder surveys designed to elicit frank and open feedback from shareholders regarding return expectations, risk tolerances, distribution preferences, and the like.
  • Shareholder Relations – From customized financial scorecards to periodic earnings presentations, Mercer Capital works with family business management teams to tell the story of the company’s performance to family shareholders in a compelling and understandable manner.

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