Founded in 1982, in the midst of and in response to a previous crisis affecting the financial services industry, Mercer Capital has witnessed the industry’s cycles. Today, as in 1982, Mercer Capital’s largest industry concentration is financial institutions.  Despite industry cycles, Mercer Capital’s approach has remained the same – understanding key factors driving the industry, identifying the impact of industry trends on our clients, and delivering a reasoned and supported analysis in light of industry and client specific trends.  

Technology and financial services have intersected for a long time so it is not surprising that FinTech has emerged as a key factor impacting the industry and has risen in the bank boardroom in recent years as banks explore ways to thrive and adapt in an increasingly digital environment.

While many bankers view FinTech as a potential threat, FinTech offers the potential to improve the health of community banks for those banks that can selectively leverage FinTech to enhance performance, customer satisfaction, and improve profitability and returns. FinTech can also help level the playing field for community banks to compete more effectively with larger banks and non-bank lenders.

Mercer Capital can help illustrate the potential benefits of FinTech to banks, both large and small, so that you can gain a better understanding of FinTech and how it can create value for shareholders and enhance the health and profitability of the institution.  We help bankers assess FinTech opportunities and strategies through the following:

  • Providing board/management retreats to educate you about the opportunities and challenges of FinTech for your institution
  • Providing strategic assessments that help your bank identify which FinTech niches may be most appropriate for your bank given your existing market opportunities
  • Providing strategic assessments that help your bank identify which FinTech companies may offer the greatest potential as partners for your bank
  • Should your bank elect to consider partnerships or acquisitions of FinTech companies, we can also provide assistance to banks with valuations and advisory services

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