Complex commercial litigation requires the insight of experienced professionals who understand the practical application of traditional and emerging financial theories.

Mercer Capital brings analytical resources and over 35 years of experience to the field of dispute analysis and litigation support. We assist our clients through the entire dispute process by providing initial consultation and analysis, as well as testimony and trial support.

Mercer Capital has been engaged by some of the premier professional firms in the country, including national, regional, and local law firms and their public and private clients, trust departments of financial institutions, and governmental agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Resolution Trust Corporation, Department of Labor, and Department of Justice.

Our professionals have been designated as expert witnesses and have testified in federal and state courts and before various regulatory bodies, including U.S. Federal District Court (several jurisdictions), County and State Courts (numerous states), U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, state regulatory bodies, and the American Arbitration Association.

Litigation Support Services

Business Damages and Lost Profits

Given our experience, Mercer Capital’s professionals are uniquely positioned to offer expert testimony in many business damages and lost profits.

Family Law and Divorce

Mercer Capital is frequently engaged to provide support in family law and divorce disputes.

Shareholder Disputes, Corporate Restructuring, and Dissolution

Mercer Capital’s professionals are experienced in valuations related to corporate reorganization and corporate transactions.

Tax-Related Controversies

Mercer Capital offers credible and trusted opinions to assist with a variety of tax-related disputes.

Valuation, Labor, and Contract Disputes

Mercer Capital has over 35 years of experience providing independent valuation services in thousands of engagements representing hundreds of industries.

Consultation, Testimony, and Support

Mercer Capital can assist our clients in every phase of the dispute process.