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Clients engage our M&A representation services with several goals in mind: To maximize net proceeds, ensure transaction closure and achieve the best possible terms with confidentiality, speed and minimal burden on ownership and management

Mercer Capital's M&A Services

Maximize Net Proceeds. Our rigorous analysis, professional marketing materials, and superior negotiation abilities help to ensure the best possible deal for our clients. Each step of the marketing process is tailored to our client’s particular situation and designed to exploit competition amongst potential buyers.

Ensure Transaction Closure. When buyers stretch from a pricing perspective, problems related to financial performance and projections, accounting, customer concentration, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, industry downturns, etc. are all magnified. Our track record of dealing with such issues to keep them from becoming deal-killers is attributable to our team of experienced professionals.

Negotiate the Best Possible Terms. During the negotiation process, our clients are shielded from the sometimes emotionally tense discussions with the buyer. Our experience negotiating transactions enables us to extract better pricing and terms than a business owner would otherwise be able to accomplish, particularly one who has not previously been involved in a business sale. Our professionals are experienced and comfortable negotiating for the best possible outcome, but know when to compromise in order to ensure the deal happens. Meanwhile, the relationship between our client and the buyer is unaffected, which is especially important during the transition period.

Help Ensure Confidentiality. Confidentiality is interwoven with every step of our marketing process to avoid disruption of management and employees and to maintain positive relationships with customers and suppliers. Everyone requesting confidential information is required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. For competitors included in the process, we tailor our approach and marketing materials in order to ensure that sensitive information is not placed in the wrong hands.

Speed Up the Deal Process. In deal making, time is the enemy. Hazards, including economic changes or developments within our clients’ businesses or markets, can befall a deal with the passage of time. Therefore, the quicker the transaction and the greater the momentum we can foster, the lower the risk of failure to close.

Minimize Burden On the Owner. During the marketing process, is it essential that our clients’ businesses continue to achieve the aggressive strategic and financial goals set by management and communicated to potential buyers. Accordingly, our collaborative role is one that emphasizes minimal burden on the owner (as well as the corporate staff should the owner choose to make them aware of the sale) in order that he or she may continue to run the business.


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