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Mercer Capital pairs analytical rigor with industry knowledge to deliver unique insight into issues facing depositories

Mercer Capital pairs analytical rigor with industry knowledge to deliver unique insight into issues facing depositories. These insights underpin the valuation analyses that are at the heart of Mercer Capital’s services to depository institutions.

Mercer Capital is a thought-leader among valuation firms in the banking industry. In addition to scores of articles, our professionals have authored five books, Creating Strategic Value Through Financial Technology (2017), The ESOP Handbook for Banks (2011), Acquiring a Failed Bank (2010), The Bank Director’s Valuation Handbook (2009) and Valuing Financial Institutions (1992).

Mercer Capital representatives speak at industry and professional conferences. The Financial Institutions Group of Mercer Capital publishes Bank Watch, a monthly e-mail newsletter covering five US regions. Jeff Davis, Managing Director, is a regular contributor to SNL Financial.

Mercer Capital Experience

  • Nationwide client base
  • Clients range from smaller community banks with assets less than $50 million to the largest U.S. depositories
  • Clients range from the rural to the metropolitan, the troubled to the most successful, and the simplest in terms of capital structure to the most complex
  • More than a thousand valuation opinions rendered for depositories
  • Numerous sell-side and buy-side client representations

Depository Institution Valuation Services

Depository institutions require independent assessments of value for numerous reasons, such as:

  • Configuring buy-sell agreements
  • Repurchasing or reorganizing shareholders’ interests
  • Issuing new stock or other securities with equity features
  • Satisfying regulatory and fiduciary obligations in transactions involving related parties
  • Going public (cheap stock valuations)
  • Going private
  • Merging with or acquiring another entity
  • Divesting a subsidiary or business unit
  • Administering employee or management incentive plans


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