Financial Reporting Valuation

280G Golden Parachute Valuation

Mercer Capital provides independent valuation opinions to assist public companies with IRC Section 280G compliance

Acquisitions of public companies or other change-of-control events can trigger the application of IRC Section 280G, also known as “golden parachute” payments in the case of executive compensation agreements. Proper tax planning can help companies comply with Section 280G and avoid significant tax penalties associated with these types of payments.

Mercer Capital can assist management of the buyer or seller by measuring the value of the golden parachute payments, including the impact of accelerated stock options, restricted shares, and non-competition or non-solicitation agreements.

Mercer Capital has been providing objective valuations for tax compliance since 1982. Our opinions are well-reasoned and well-documented, and have been accepted by the largest U.S. accounting firms and various regulatory bodies, including the SEC and the IRS.

Our professionals are nationally recognized as leaders in the valuation industry, and hold the most rigorous credentialing designations, including the CFA, ASA, and CPA, among others. Mercer Capital has the institutional capability to tackle even the most uncommon or complex valuation issues.

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