Litigation Support Services

Family Law and Divorce

Mercer Capital brings a team of experienced and credentialed experts and over 35 years of experience to the field of dispute analysis and litigation support

Mercer Capital is a national business valuation and financial advisory firm. We are frequently engaged to provide support in family law and divorce disputes. We bring a team of experienced and credentialed experts and over 35 years of experience to the field of dispute analysis and litigation support. Assisting our clients through the entire dispute process, we provide initial consultation and analysis, as well as testimony and trial support. We provide services to litigated divorces, as well as collaborative/co-mediated divorces.

Services & Qualifications

Valuation Services

  • Valuation of privately held businesses and professional practices
  • Valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets
  • Determination and valuation allocation of personal and enterprise goodwill
  • Valuation of stock options, pensions, notes, & other investment assets
  • Employment contracts and other compensation agreements
  • Serving as the business valuation professional in a collaborative divorce

Forensic Services

  • Classification of assets and liabilities
  • Investigation of asset flight and/or dissipation of assets
  • Asset-tracing of separate versus marital property
  • Lifestyle/needs and ability to pay analyses for assistance to determine spousal support
  • Tracing appreciation of separate retirement assets
  • Identification of diverted or unreported income and double-counted expenses
  • Identification of and interviewing parties of interest
  • Data analysis
  • Lost profit analysis

Advisory Services

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Serving as the financial neutral in a collaborative divorce
  • Serving in mediation, arbitration, or as court-appointed and/or mutually agreed-upon experts
  • General litigation support
  • Assistance with discovery
  • Critique of opposing expert reports
  • Impact of transactions on valuation
  • Economic research
  • Public securities, market, and industry research
  • Assistance with depositions and cross-examination
  • Developing case strategy
  • Preparation of demonstrative exhibits

Our Qualifications

  • Deposition and testimony experience
  • Technical and industry expertise
  • National reputations for independence and objectivity
  • Valuation and forensic credentials from the AICPA, the ASA, the CFA Institute, RICS, and NACVA
  • Trained in collaborative law

Who We Serve

  • Divorcing spouses
  • Consulting for family law attorneys
  • Courts, mediators, and others in need of neutral experts
  • Business owners
  • Family offices
  • High-wealth professionals


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