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A Review of M&A Activity in the Downstream Oil & Gas Space: Nesting Dolls of Refinery Acquisitions

On April 30, 2018, Marathon Petroleum announced its acquisition of the newly formed Andeavor making Marathon the largest refiner in the U.S. (by capacity) and one of the top five refiners in the world.  The merger is moving into its final stages, and Marathon’s CEO is positive about the combination of the two well situated companies. In this post, we analyze the recent acquisition history of Western Refining, Tesoro, and Marathon, which has started to look somewhat like nesting dolls of acquisitions.

Public Royalty Trusts: Can Revenue Interests Benefit from Capital Appreciation? (Part 1)

In previous posts, we have discussed the relationship between public royalty trusts and their market pricing implications to royalty owners.  Many publicly traded trusts have a fixed number of wells, so the value comes from declining distributions.  Some of the trusts have wells that have not been drilled, which represent upside potential for investors. In this post, we will explore the subject characteristics of MV Oil Trust.  This will serve as a primer for a subsequent post in which we will look further into the composition of its stock price in order to better understand investors’ ability to achieve returns through distributions and capital appreciation.

Out of the File Cabinet: The Ideal Time to Review Your Buy-Sell Agreement

This week we take a break from discussing the Permian Basin to feature a topic that touches most of our readers – buy-sell agreements. Almost every privately owned company with multiple shareholders has a buy-sell agreement (or other agreement that acts as a buy-sell agreement).

Growing Pains Curb Valuation Gains in the Permian: 2Q18 Review

The story of the Permian Basin in 2018 so far has been developing as one of the finest proverbial “fishing holes” in the world.  However, as the year has progressed, it appears many industry players have found their reputed “catch” too big to process and are scrambling to deal with it before it begins to stink.

Translation: the year began with a flurry of developmental drilling activity followed by an emerging bottleneck.  The unintended consequence of this has been that some operators have been growing oil production too fast for pipeline and infrastructure to keep up.  A pricing differential has arisen due to the supply glut and there has been concurrent stagnation in valuations.  In this post, we discuss how some of it has transpired through the timeline of the first half of 2018.

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