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Domestic Production Special Topics

An Overview of Salt Water Disposal

Over the last 12 years the oilfield waste water disposal industry has grown exponentially, both on an absolute basis, and by rank of its importance/size among the oilfield services. This growth has been largely driven by the increased volumes of waste water generated in the production of oil from shale plays. This post discusses the basics of salt water disposal that has become so important given the rise of hydraulic fracturing.

Mineral and Royalty Rights

Considerations for Endowments Divesting Fossil Fuels

The purpose of an endowment is to provide a permanent source of funding that maintains the operations of colleges, universities, churches, etc.  To best serve its fiduciaries, an endowment should achieve the highest return possible.  Congruently, when divesting, the endowment must ensure it achieved a fair price for its investments. This post does not weigh in on the discussion of whether endowments should or should not liquidate fossil fuels.  Rather, we hope to educate and advise those who have decided to divest their fossil fuel assets and are unsure of how to proceed.

Mineral and Royalty Rights

From Enduro to Permianville

A Closer Look at Permianville Royalty Trust

In previous posts, we have discussed the relationship between public royalty trusts and their market pricing implications to royalty owners. Many publicly traded trusts are restricted from acquiring other interests, so they have relatively fixed resources, and the value of these trusts comes from generally declining distributions. In many cases, the royalty comes from a related operator, though this is neither required nor characteristic of all trusts. There are also other MLPs such as Kimbell Royalty Partners, Viper Energy Partners, Dorchester Minerals, and Black Stone Minerals that are aggregators consistently gobbling up new acreage. In this post, we explore the subject characteristics of Permianville Royalty Trust, formerly known as Enduro Royalty Trust.

Eagle Ford Shale

O(i)l Faithful

Eagle Ford Region Overview

Nearly a quarter of the way through 2019, prices have rebounded somewhat after a tumultuous end to 2018.  First quarter energy prices again moved in opposite directions, with crude prices increasing steadily over the period while natural gas prices decreased from $2.94 to $2.80 per Mcf by mid-March despite peaking at over $3.50 in mid-January.

Eagle Ford Shale Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures

M&A in the Eagle Ford Shale

Over the last twelve months, the Eagle Ford Shale region has experienced steady growth and healthy transaction activity. The region’s strengths, such as its low cycle times, high oil cuts and Louisiana Light Sweet crude and Brent oil pricing, has facilitated free cash flow and made the area attractive to both investors and operators.

Valuation Issues

How to Value Your E&P Company

Our whitepaper “How to Value Your Exploration and Production Company” provides an informative overview of the valuation of exploration and production companies. Because of the historical popularity of this post, we revisit it this week. This post helps you, the reader, understand how E&P companies are valued which may help you understand how to grow the value of your business and maximize returns when it comes time to sell.

Special Topics

Supply Management: How The Market Is Handling Capital And Crude In 2019

Bryce Erickson recently attended the 2019 NAPE Expo in Houston, Texas. One of the repeated sentiments among several panelists was that valuations are currently attractive despite declining commodity prices and logistics constraints. If capital and resource supply are managed efficiently, it could align the strong upstream and midstream potential with cash flow reality.

Special Topics

Four Themes from Q4 2018 Earnings Calls

We Read the Earnings Calls so You Don’t Have to

Commodity prices exhibited significant volatility to end 2018 with steep declines in crude prices and a spike in natural gas prices that subsequently fell back.  The general market also declined over the period, making it difficult to parse reasons for various stock price gyrations.  While lower prices aren’t ideal for industry operators, earnings calls remind wary investors that there’s more to price than what trades on the NYMEX. Executives this quarter also note a shift in focus when it comes to capital outlays.

This week, we take a look at some of the earnings commentary of large players in the oil and gas space to gain further insight into the challenges and opportunities developing in the industry.

Special Topics

Limited Partners, What Are Your Rights?

Legal Rights and Valuation Considerations For Your Limited Partner Interest

A partnership is a business owned by two or more individuals. In its most basic form, a partnership typically falls into one of three categories: a general partnership, a joint venture, or a limited partnership. While the specifics of these three types can vary depending on the goals of the business, they all share similar features. For the purposes of this post, we will be examining benefits and rights we have come across in performing valuations over various types of partnership structures and their relation to value.

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