Business Valuation

Gift, Estate, and Income Tax Compliance

Valuations are a critical element of successful tax planning strategies. Objective third party valuation opinions are vital

Mercer Capital has been providing objective valuations for tax compliance since 1982. Our opinions of value are well-reasoned and well-documented, which provide critical support.

Mercer Capital’s internal review and quality control processes are designed to generate expedited results that minimize common mistakes in process and analysis, particularly in situations where service and delivery needs are high. Mercer Capital also offers a diversity of services to its clients, including efficient fees for the valuation of partnership and LLC interests, as well as the most comprehensive services for complex entities and business models.


  • Gift and estate tax compliance
  • Valuation of closely held company shares
  • Valuation of interests in family limited partnerships (FLPs) and limited liability companies
  • Family wealth planning
  • Corporate tax planning, such as reorganizations or recapitalizations
  • Individual and corporate tax compliance
  • Valuation of preferred stock, trust preferred securities, and other non-equity instruments
  • Valuation of stock options and other equity-linked instruments
  • Intangible asset valuation
  • Valuation of covenants and agreements not to compete
  • 280G Golden Parachute valuation

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