RIA Valuation Insights

A weekly update on issues important to the Asset Management industry

Should RIAs Care About Broker Protocol?

As noted last week, much has been written about some of the major wirehouse firms abandoning protocol these last few months.  This week we explore what the implications are for RIAs and how it could impact their value in the marketplace.

What We’re Reading About Broker Protocol

Most of the sector’s recent press has focused on broker protocol, so we’ve highlighted some of the more salient pieces as a preface to our take on the matter in next week’s post.

Culture is King, So Why Isn’t It Mentioned in the Purchase Agreement?

This fourth post in a series on selling your RIA focuses on corporate culture, the single most defining element of investment management firms.  RIAs are more than EBITDA margins and GIPS compliant performance numbers.  Ironic, isn’t it, that culture is rarely negotiated and never mentioned in a purchase agreement?

3Q17 Call Reports

As we do every quarter, we take a look at some of the earnings commentary of pacesetters in asset management to gain further insight into the challenges and opportunities developing in the industry.

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