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Selling Your RIA to a Consolidator  

Successful Succession for RIAs

As we explained in a recent post, there are many viable exit options for RIA principals when it comes to succession planning.  In this post, we will review some of the considerations when partnering with an RIA consolidator. 

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Partnering with a Minority Financial Investor

Successful Succession for RIAs

As we explained in a recent post, there are many viable exit options for RIA principals when it comes to succession planning. In this post we will review some considerations of partnering with a minority financial investor to achieve a successful transition of ownership.

Practice Management

Posturing for a Successful Succession

A recent Schwab survey asked RIA principals to rank their firm’s top priorities in the coming year.  We were disappointed but not surprised to discover that developing a succession plan was dead last. If you’re a founding partner or selling principal, you have a lot of exit options, and it’s never too soon to start thinking about succession planning. We’ll outline these options in this post and expound upon them in more detail later in the series.


Purchase Accounting Considerations for Banks Acquiring Asset Managers

As banks of all sizes seek new ways to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, we see many banks contemplating the acquisition of an existing asset management firm as a way to expand and diversify the range of services they can offer to clients. Transaction structures between banks and asset managers can be complicated, often including deal term nuances and clauses that have significant impact on fair value. Asset management firms are unique entities with value attributed to a number of different metrics (assets under management, management fee revenue, realized fee margin, etc.). It is important to understand how the characteristics of the asset management industry, in general, and those attributable to a specific firm, influence the values of the assets acquired in these transactions.

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How Does Your RIA Measure Up?

Schwab’s 2019 Benchmarking Study Offers Insights Into the RIA Industry

Schwab recently released its 2019 RIA Benchmarking Study.  The survey contains responses from over 1,300 RIAs that custody their assets at Schwab to questions about firm operating performance, strategy, and practice management.  The survey is a great resource for RIA principals to see how their firm’s performance and direction measure up against the average firm.  We’ve highlighted some of the key results from the study in this week’s post.

Current Events

Is 16x Pro Forma EBITDA a Realistic Valuation for Mercer Advisors?

Pre-season Soccer and the Mercer Price Tag are Likely More About Form Than Substance

We were intrigued (and skeptical) of the recent reports that RIA aggregator Mercer Advisors was looking to fetch a $700 million-plus price tag in a prospective sale by its PE backers at Genstar Capital. A 15-16x multiple on an estimated pro-forma, run-rate EBITDA of approximately $50 million results in a $750 million to $800 million enterprise value for the business, which certainly got our attention. Still, this figure could be meaningless if it’s an unlikely appraisal of Mercer Advisor’s current market value. For this week’s post, we’ll address our opinion from a fair market value and strategic value perspective.

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One Year Later: The Focus IPO Reshaped the RIA Industry

Attention Drives Activity

It’s been a year since the Focus Financial IPO generated a similar level of conversation in the RIA community – and the transaction dominos have been falling ever since.  In that same year, Victory Capital pulled off a major acquisition, Affiliated Managers Group got back into the acquisition game following a two-year hiatus, United Capital was acquired by Goldman Sachs, and Mercer Advisors is soliciting bids.

I was thinking about all of this on a road trip across the southeast last week, in-between blasting Tom Petty on satellite radio and dropping in on a few clients.  At one of my first stops, a client asked if I saw a lot of M&A activity in the RIA space.  Yes, I replied, but I see even more headlines about it.  Plenty has changed in the RIA community in the last twelve months, but even more has not.

Asset Management Transactions

Q2 2019 Asset Manager M&A Trends

Asset and Wealth Manager M&A Keeping Pace with 2018’s Record Levels

Through the first half of 2019, asset and wealth manager M&A has kept pace with 2018, which was the busiest year for sector M&A over the last decade. M&A activity in the back half of 2019 is poised to continue at a rapid pace, as business fundamentals and consolidation pressures continue to drive deal activity. Several trends, which have driven the uptick in sector M&A in recent years, have continued into 2019, including increasing activity by RIA aggregators and rising cost pressures.

Practice Management Trust Companies

Are Trust Companies Changing for the Better?

Trust Company Sector Update

Trust law has evolved over time, most recently with modern trust laws in the 1980s and 90s established by certain states such as Delaware, Nevada, and South Dakota. Other states, such as Tennessee, have developed compelling trust statutes in more recent years. Just as trust law has changed with the regulatory environment, trust companies are changing to meet clients’ evolving needs.

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