Mercer Capital provides investment banking, transaction advisory, and restructuring services to a broad range of public and private companies and financial institutions.


Mercer Capital leverages our historical valuation and investment banking experience to help you navigate a critical transaction, providing timely, accurate and reliable results. We have significant experience advising boards of directors, management, trustees, and other fiduciaries of middle-market public and private companies in a wide range of industries.

Whether you are selling your business, acquiring another business or division, or have needs related to mergers, valuations, fairness opinions, and other transaction advisory needs, we can help.

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Transaction Advisory and Restructuring Services

M&A Representation Services

Clients hire us with several goals in mind: To maximize net proceeds, ensure transaction closure and achieve the best possible terms with confidentiality, speed and minimal burden on ownership and management.

Fairness Opinions

Mercer Capital’s comprehensive valuation and transaction experience with public and private capital companies empowers us to efficiently provide unbiased fairness opinions that can rely on to assure stakeholders that the decisions being made are fair and reasonable.

ESOP Advisory Services

Mercer Capital understands ESOPs because we ourselves are an ESOP company. We provide annual appraisals for ESOP trustees as well as fairness opinions and other valuation-related services for ESOP companies and financial institutions.

Quality of Earnings

Mercer Capital assists clients by developing and performing customized due diligence procedures for potential transactions. Our focused approach to quality of earnings analysis generates Insights That Matter to potential buyers and sellers.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring Advisory

Restructuring businesses need trustworthy independent financial advisors who can provide timely, relevant and useful advice on a range of strategic matters related to the bankruptcy and restructuring process.

Solvency Opinions

Mercer Capital renders solvency opinions on behalf of companies that are undergoing a transaction in which a significant amount of debt is assumed to fund shareholder dividends, an LBO, acquisition or other such transaction that materially levers the company’s capital structure.


Transaction News Advisor

The Transaction News Advisor, published monthly, covers selected M&A, private equity, and credit and capital market transactions of note. Each month we also feature a Market Snaphot, and recent Mercer Capital Transactions.

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