Traditionally, there are two types of experts—industry experts and valuation experts.

Industry Experts

Industry experts are characterized by their presence in and around the industry as well as the work they perform for the industry. These experts

  • Regularly follow the industry
  • Understand industry concepts and terminology
  • Write/speak about industry trends
  • Possess transaction experience (both external and internal)
  • Regularly provide advisory services to industry participants
  • See the market as typical industry buyers and sellers

Valuation Experts

Valuation experts are characterized by the work they perform as reviewed and respected by third-party auditors. Additionally, these experts’ work have been scrutinized and upheld by the IRS, PCAOB, and State & Federal Courts. Characteristics of these experts include:

  • Appropriate training and professional designations
  • Understanding of valuation standards and concepts
  • Sees the market as hypothetical buyers and sellers
  • Regularly values minority interests
  • Advises on buy-sell agreements
  • Defends work in litigated matters
  • Handles recurring valuation work for other clients

You Need Both

Ideally, a firm that has both industry as well as valuation expertise is the smart choice. Mercer Capital is that firm. Mercer Capital has deep industry expertise and is a recognized thought leader in the valuation profession. Our specific professional sports industry qualifications:

  • We have arguably the most expertise in sports valuation and related stadium advisory in the country and have considerable interaction and experience with management of the various leagues
  • We bring value, background, and expertise that few, if any have
  • Highly researched projections and pricing scenarios
  • We know what teams and stadiums are capable of and what that means to an owner

Check out our website for both valuation and industry resources. To discuss an issue in confidence, don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals.