Advisorpedia | March 17, 2021

How a COO Can Elevate Your RIA: No Matter How Unique Your Business Needs Are

For this special edition of The COO Roundtable, Matt recorded live from Mercer Capital’s inaugural RIA Practice Management Insight’s conference. This virtual conference “focused on back of the house (operational) issues that are as vital to success as they are easy to ignore.”

Bank Director | February 8, 2021

Will We Ever See Three Times Book Again?

Mergers and acquisitions are examined as part of Bank Director’s Inspired By Acquire or Be Acquired.

RIA Biz | November 12, 2020

Focus Financial buys B2B outsourcer — a business model shift that stretches its M&A dollar but also introduces identity issues

The New York rollup bought $9 billion of AUM, but CornerStone Partners is still an OCIO for non-profit institutions with a set of challenges unique to its niche.

Family Wealth Report | October 5, 2020

Will Equity Answer Wealth Management’s “Compensation Conundrum?”

Compensation, recruiting, retention, and equity are the main factors that cause wealth management firms’ owners sleepless nights. Where does equity fit into the picture and how can organizations understand its role better in taking businesses in the right direction?

RIA Biz | October 1, 2020

Despite dissenting Fed vote, Charles Schwab Corp. cleared to close TD merger Tuesday, and ‘Schwabitrade’ looks less fearsome than anticipated

Fed Board member Lael Brainard voted ‘no’ on creating a new category killer but the San Francisco discount broker and RIA custodian got what it wanted; Schwab, TD Ameritrade shares rise on the news.

Pensions & Investments | August 10, 2020

Manager Assets Roar Back but Revenue Restrained

Publicly traded money managers saw their assets under management rebound in the second quarter, even as revenues were slower to recuperate from COVID-19-related drawdowns felt in the first quarter.

Michael Kitces’ Financial Advisor Success Podcast | June 2, 2020

#FASuccess Ep 179: Investment Banking For Wealth Management And The Evolution Of Advisor Enterprise Value, with Elizabeth Nesvold

In this episode, Michael Kitces talks in-depth with Elizabeth Nesvold about how an investment banker looks at the valuation of an advisory firm.

PFI Advisors | April 21, 2020

Silver Linings: Using Crisis to Improve Your RIA’s Health

Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them. Matt Sonnen of PFI Advisors discusses the importance of using this time as a wake-up call to focus on the health of your business.

RIA Biz | April 18, 2020

Charles Schwab spends an extra $27 million on staff amid Covid-19, $37 million spent to keep three M&A deals chugging ahead

The San Francisco broker paid cash in March to workers amid challenges of the pandemic as trading exploded, retail calls spiked 16%.

RIA Biz | February 21, 2020

Thomas H. Lee Partners reportedly puts Hightower Advisors on the block, but an air of unreality surrounds the timing and premium price following two-year revamp

The Boston firm repeopled, rebranded, remodeled, and then locked down its advisors with $100 million, paving the way for the next owner — if the $2-billion price is right.

FinancialPlanning | February 21, 2020

Can acquisitions continue to boost Focus’ earnings?

The RIA’s revenues blow past $1 billion but, industry observers not fierce competition among rival buyers.

FinancialPlanning | January 29, 2020

Adios United: Goldman renames RIA and unveils new strategy

The Wall Street giant reveals how it plans to capture a bigger share of high-net-worth and mass affluent markets.