Atticus Frank Speaking in Financial Consulting Group’s Webinar

Mercer Capital’s Atticus L. Frank, CFA, ABV, to present alongside GF Data’s Bob Wegbreit at the upcoming Financial Consulting Group online webinar on Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Frank and Wegbreit’s session is titled “Guideline Company Transactions and GF Data.” Together they will detail how guideline transaction data often presents valuation professionals with a dilemma: high comparability but less data and low visibility. With that backdrop, how should valuation professionals approach guideline transactions, and what are some good databases out there? Bob Wegbreit will highlight GF Data, a proprietary lower-middle market database of PE-sponsored transactions, that you can consider utilizing in your valuation engagements, while Atticus Frank will discuss some of the nuances, context, and real-world examples for utilizing guideline transaction data.

Atticus Frank is a Vice President at Mercer Capital and a member of Mercer Capital’s Family Business Advisory Services Group. As a member of this Group, he helps family shareholders, boards, and management teams align their perspectives on the financial realities, needs, and opportunities of the business. Atticus also has valuation experience in engagements related to corporate planning and reorganizations, financial reporting, fairness opinions, litigation support, employee stock ownership plans, and estate and gift tax planning and compliance matters.