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The lead article is the latest issue of Value MattersTM, focuses on litigated situations. Per the article, “Dispute Analysis Issues: When to Call in a Business Appraiser”:

There is no doubt that valuation advisory services can provide the peace of mind and thoughtful documentation required to conduct those transactions that may be scrutinized by regulators, courts, tax collectors and a myriad of other lurking adversaries….

Moving beyond the typical compliance issues, valuation services can be extremely useful in the litigation arena. Undoubtedly, value is the centerpiece of much business and personal litigation. The high-stakes, hard-to-quantify issues of litigation are always aggressively challenged….

A qualified expert has practical experience dealing with real problems of real companies and individuals. A business appraiser should be able to define the valuation issues, assemble the relevant information, and quantify the financial aspects of a case. Moreover, an expert should be able to communicate the soundness of conclusions convincingly.

Litigated issues are as diverse as the people involved and the problems that haunt them….

We then include the areas of litigation that are the ones most likely to require the type of support that a business valuation professional can provide. Read the full article here.

Also included in this issue is a reminder that year-end is upon us and reminder readers of the essence of time regarding year-end gifting.

Finally, this issue features new industry whitepapers and links to information readers might find of interest from around the web.

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