Tammy Ford Falkner

June 22, 2024 saw the passing of one of Mercer Capital’s longest tenured and most loved members – Tammy Ford Falkner.

Tammy started working at Mercer Capital in January of 1990. The day she started, the company was having an off-site meeting – probably to plan the year ahead. Tammy got confused about where she was supposed to be, got caught in traffic on the way to the meeting, and was ultimately about 45 minutes late for her first day at work. By the time Tammy got there, she peeked in the doorway where the meeting was underway (Mercer Capital was much smaller then so there were probably fewer than ten people in the meeting) and Tammy didn’t feel like she could just walk in. Tammy almost turned around, gave up, and went home. Instead, she took a deep breath and entered the room and started her career with Mercer Capital. We are so glad she did.

Tammy brightened the office and the souls within it for almost 35 years. She was not only one of the most loved but candidly one of the most lovable members of our little world. She exuded positive energy. Her beautiful smile, quick laugh, friendly demeanor, and sharp wit were a staple at Mercer Capital.

Tammy served in virtually every capacity for the firm. Early in her career, Tammy worked directly as Chris Mercer’s executive assistant (a task not easily conquered!) and progressed to become institutionalized as the firm’s strategic sales coordinator. Many will recognize Tammy from the countless engagement letters she generated for the firm during her long tenure. Chances are, if something was amiss or required attention during the early stages of the engagement process, you spoke with or received an email from Tammy. Many of the firm’s long-standing clients knew best who the real fixer at Mercer Capital was!

In addition to her Mercer Capital family, Tammy leaves behind her devoted husband, Freddie Falkner, and sister, Kimberly Ford, as well as two brothers, Joshua and Jonathan Ford, and a host of other family members.

We were lucky to have had Tammy as part of Mercer Capital for so long. She was more than a co-worker, she was a friend. She will be profoundly missed.