2021 RIA Practice Management Insights Conference Recap

Practice Management

We want to thank everyone who attended or participated in our inaugural RIA Practice Management Insights conference last week.  We set out last year to create a conference geared towards the back-of-house issues that are critical to success, but don’t get as much attention as themes like M&A and consolidation at many conferences.  To that end, we were fortunate to be able to compile a speaker list full of well-known experts on various practice management topics like firm culture, marketing, managing your tech stack, and more.

Our opening keynote was delivered by the legendary Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, whose presentation traced the origins of central banking from Victorian England through present day, providing a unique perspective on current asset prices.  To wrap up the event, we were pleased to have Peter Nesvold of Nesvold Capital Partners deliver our closing keynote focused on the state of the industry and predictions for the future of wealth management.

Other speakers included the following:

  • Louis Diamond of Diamond Consultants spoke on advisor recruitment and acquisitions, and how to craft a world-class value proposition and targeting strategies.
  • Matt Crow and Taryn Burgess of Mercer Capital spoke on compensation strategies, and how to best structure your firm’s compensation to recruit and retain talent.
  • Matt Sonnen of PFI Advisors hosted a live recording of the COO Roundtable Podcast featuring guests Kara Armstrong of CapSouth Wealth Management and Nick Maggiulli of Ritzholtz Wealth Management.
  • Kristen Schmidt of RIA Oasis spoke about the importance of your entire tech ecosystem.
  • Matt Crow moderated a panel discussion on creating a collaborative firm culture featuring Terry Igo of SanCap Group, Sonya Mughal of Bailard, and Colin Sharp, the former COO of Riverbridge and now co-founder of Knoxbarret.
  • Megan Carpenter of FiComm Partners spoke on developing a “New Skool” marketing mindset to drive business growth.
  • Brooks Hamner and Zach Milam of Mercer Capital spoke on succession planning for RIAs.
  • Steve Sanduski of Belay Advisor moderated a panel discussion on delivering value that goes beyond products and planning featuring Julie Littlechild of Absolute Engagement and Seth Streeter of Mission Wealth.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and to everyone who helped make the event a success.  We plan to publish updates regarding next year’s conference as they become available. So, stay tuned and we hope to see you next year!