Appraisal Review Practice Aid for ESOP Trustees: Choosing a New ESOP Appraiser

Why It Might Be Necessary and How to Accomplish It

ESOP valuation is an increasing concern for Trustees and sponsor companies as many ESOPs have matured financially (ESOP debt retired and shares allocated), demographically (aging participants), and strategically (achieved 100% ownership of the stock).

Given these and other evolving complexities (including the proposed DOL regulation which would designate ESOP appraisers as fiduciaries of the plans they value), it is sometimes necessary or advisable for ESOP Trustees and the Boards of ESOP companies to change their business valuation advisor.

This article addresses why a Trustee or sponsoring company might or should opt for a new appraisal provider, as well as what criteria, questions, and qualities drive the process of selecting a new appraiser.