Understand the Value of a Local Exchange Carrier

Over the past decade, the telecommunications industry has been characterized by rapid innovation accompanied by the obsolescence that often follows rapid innovation. Companies have essentially been forced to operate in a “spend to keep up, or get left behind” atmosphere.

For Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), this has posed a particularly difficult challenge, as their product offerings are quickly becoming archaic in the new fast paced world of global wireless service and streaming video. Regardless of how you choose to deal with the ever changing competitive environment – be it through selling, acquiring, divesting, or any other major strategic change – it is important to realize the value of your telecommunications company as it stands today. Without knowing this critical piece of information, it will be virtually impossible to make an informed decision regarding the future of your company. Even if you decide not to consider one of the options listed above, eventually the ownership of your business will change hands. You can’t afford to be unprepared.