Bryce Erickson Quoted on Prosperous Opportunity for the New Orleans Pelicans

Bryce Erickson, Senior Vice President in Mercer Capital’s Dallas Office, was quoted in the article “Zion Williamson could help Pelicans thrive in New Orleans” in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Forbes recently listed the New Orleans Pelicans in their prominent annual rankings as one of the NBA’s least valuable franchises. The team, in need of a financial boost, has been frequently rumored as a candidate to move to Las Vegas. However, after Tuesday’s draft pick, that might have changed when they won the NBA draft lottery and the right to draft Zion Williamson, the most talked-about college player this past season. The Pelicans allegedly received 2,000 new season-ticket requests after the announcement.

Bryce, a nationally recognized valuation expert in this industry, optimistically commented about what Williamson could mean for the Pelicans.

Someone who’s drafted at the No. 1 slot and brings excitement and expectations for better performance and better wins, that immediately generates a fan base and can increase season-ticket sales. It can motivate you from a sponsorship standpoint. Maybe the sponsors now are more confident that Anthony Davis will stay.

With Zion Williamson and potentially other moves that they will make, you will have a team that can be highly competitive for a championship, bring more people in town, and therefore more eyeballs would get exposure to whatever sponsorship you would want.

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