Chris Mercer Authors Article in the Extraordinary Banker Magazine

Z. Christopher Mercer, FASA, CFA, ABAR, Founder and CEO of Mercer Capital, authored the recent article “How Can You Use Bank Valuation Concepts to Influence How You Think and Lead” printed in Extraordinary Banker Magazine, Issue No. 28.

Owners and managers of privately owned banks tend to think about how they can most effectively run their banks; however, many bankers don’t think about managing their banks with valuation concepts in mind. In this article, Chris Mercer brings valuation and management concepts into better alignment for thinking and leading banks.

Additionally, he recently wrote a blog post on the topic summarizing his session from the 2019 Best Banks in America Super Conference.

Chris began his valuation career in the late 1970s. He has prepared, overseen, or contributed to hundreds of valuation engagements. He has served on the boards of directors of several private companies and one public company and is an expert in business ownership transition plans. Chris has extensive experience in litigation engagements including statutory fair value cases, divorce, and numerous other matters where valuation issues are in question. He is also an expert in buy-sell agreement disputes. In addition, Chris is the author of eight books and is a frequent speaker on business valuation and buy-sell agreement issues for business and professional groups.

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