Crow Quoted on Focus Financial IPO Launch

Matthew R. Crow, ASA, CFA, president of Mercer Capital, was quoted in the article “Focus Financial IPO is on at $39 per share as KKR pushes giant share premium, with an eye on raking off an extra $532 million” (RIABiz).

Focus Financial expects to price its IPO between $35 and $39 per share, which was nearly double the price they announced in late May. According to the article, it’s rumored that a private equity backer pushed to complete the IPO by the end of July at a higher price than originally indicated.

Matt commented, “KKR’s demand for a sky-high share price is a high-risk, high reward play.” He continues, “If they go public at $39, and it drops to $22, it’ll be much harder for RIAs to accept Focus shares [as currency] — even if it should have been $22 to begin with.”

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