David Smith Attending 4th Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference

J. David Smith, ASA, CFA is attending the 4th Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference in Irving, Texas, on May 8-9, 2024.

The maturing water midstream sector is adapting to new realities around consolidation, seismicity, and ever-bigger volume with an intense focus on creating sustainable flow assurance for E&Ps with innovation. The fast-evolving competitive landscape presents abundant opportunities and risks for oilfield water managers and companies. The conference will gather business leaders from E&P companies, oilfield water midstream, water service companies, information providers, investors, regulators, landowners, and other stakeholders in the oilfield water marketplace to discuss trends that drive value and network with each other.

David Smith, Senior Vice President at Mercer Capital, has over 20 years of business valuation experience and has been involved with hundreds of valuation and related engagements. He values businesses, business interests, and intangible assets for financial reporting, corporate tax, corporate M&A, employee stock ownership plans, and gift and estate tax purposes. He is a member of Mercer Capital’s oil and gas team and is a regular contributor to Mercer Capital’s Energy Valuation Insights Blog.