Don Erickson Quoted on Memphis Grizzlies Buy/Sell Option

Don Erickson, Managing Director in Mercer Capital’s Dallas Office, was quoted in the article “Sources: Grizz Valued at $1B for Buy/Sell Option” in the Memphis Business Journal.

According to the article, the two top limited partners in the Memphis Grizzlies plan to approach the team owner, Robert Pera, regarding a buy/sell provision that may alter the ownership of the franchise. The limited partners currently value the franchise at a little over $1 billion, according to sources.  The question of valuation is important here.

Don Erickson, a nationally recognized valuation expert in this industry, commented “Revenue growth, value growth and prestige are the three drivers for why it could be worth a billion.”

Mercer Capital is one of the leaders in sports valuation and related stadium advisory in the country and has considerable interaction and experience with management of the various leagues.

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