Featured: Auto Dealer Industry Newsletter Mid-Year 2014

Mercer Capital’s Auto Dealer Industry Newsletter is a biannual publication providing perspective on valuation issues pertinent to Auto Dealer professionals. Each issue includes typically includes macroeconomic and industry trends, mergers and acquisitions review, guideline company pricing, and more.

Excerpting from the discussion:

Recovery from the Great Recession began in 2009, confidence and disposable incomes rose allowing consumers to fund purchases of more durable goods, including cars. These trends are expected to continue through 2019. However, the auto dealer industry, though making a strong recovery from the most recent recession, is facing pressures from government regulation, shifting demand and supply, and new market entrants.

More stringent environmental standards and rising oil prices are causing car prices to rise, the shift to internet for information and purchasing is forcing margins down (but also increasing volume), and demand is shifting more toward hybrid, electric, and autonomous cars. The leading auto dealers are taking notice of these shifting trends.

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