Harrigan Named Senior Financial Analyst

Mercer Capital is pleased to announce that Madeleine L. Harrigan has been promoted to the position of Senior Financial Analyst.

“One of the benefits to being in our corner of the financial community is working with gifted people like Madeleine. She is a wellspring of creativity and intensity that is unusual in finance,” said Mercer Capital president Matthew R. Crow, ASA, CFA. “Madeleine has been instrumental in advancing important developmental projects at Mercer Capital, and with this promotion is now positioned to do much more.”

Madeleine joined Mercer Capital in 2013. She is experienced in the valuation of financial institutions, primarily depository institutions, asset management firms, and related enterprises. She also prepares and publishes research on valuation issues related to the venture capital community, and is a regular contributor, along with Matt Crow and Brooks Hamner, to Mercer Capital’s blog regarding the asset management community, RIA Valuation Insights.