Mercer’s Article Reprinted in the Society of FSP Newsletter

Chris Mercer, FASA, CFA, ABAR, Founder and CEO of Mercer Capital, authored the article “Characteristics of a Good Buy-Sell Agreement” reprinted in The Society of Financial Service Professionals April 2018 newsletter.

In the article, he discusses the functionality of buy-sell agreements and important aspects defining their operation. He then excerpts a list of characteristics of successful buy-sell agreements taken from his book,  Buy-Sell Agreements for Closely Held and Family Business Owners.

“The creation of buy-sell agreements involves a certain amount of future-thinking. The parties must think about what could, might, or will happen and write an agreement that will work for all sides in the event an agreement is triggered at some unknown time in the future.”

Chris began his valuation career in the late 1970s. He has prepared, overseen, or contributed to hundreds of valuation engagements. He has served on the boards of directors of several private companies and one public company and is an expert in business ownership transition plans. Chris has extensive experience in litigation engagements including statutory fair value cases, divorce, and numerous other matters where valuation issues are in question. He is also an expert in buy-sell agreement disputes. In addition, Chris is the author of eight books and is a frequent speaker on business valuation and buy-sell agreement issues for business and professional groups.

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