New Book for Directors of Family Businesses

The new book, The 12 Questions That Keep Family Business Directors Awake at Night by Travis W. Harms, CFA, CPA/ABV, senior vice president and leader Mercer Capital’s Family Business Advisory Services Group, is now available.

The book is a compilation of short articles on a variety of topics common to many family businesses.  In the book, we identify the issues we see our family business clients struggle with such as dividend policy, shareholder liquidity, evaluating acquisition offers, and promoting shareholder engagement, offer our perspective, and suggest possible next steps for family business directors to consider.

The book is comprised of twelve chapters and has been constructed to help you think through these questions:

  • How Do We Promote Positive Shareholder Engagement?
  • How Do We Communicate More Effectively with Shareholders?
  • Does Our Dividend Policy Fit?
  • To Invest or Not to Invest?
  • Should We Diversify?
  • Does Father Always Know Best?
  • How Do We Find Our Next Leader?
  • Is There a Ticking Time Bomb Lurking in Our Family Business?
  • What Is the Family’s Most Valuable Asset?
  • What Should We Do About Estate Taxes?
  • How Should We Respond to an Acquisition Offer?
  • Who’s In and Who’s Out?

Order your copy of The 12 Questions That Keep Family Business Directors Awake at Night today.

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Mercer Capital provides sophisticated corporate finance services to family businesses throughout the nation. We know that stewarding a multi-generation family business is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities, and each family business faces a unique set of challenges at any given time. For some, shareholder engagement is not currently an issue, but establishing a workable management accountability program is. For others, dividend policy is easy, while next gen development weighs heavily. Through our family business advisory services practice, we work with successful families facing issues like these every day.