New Issue of Mercer Capital’s Value Matters™ Available Now

The newest issue of Value Matters™, Mercer Capital’s newsletter addressing gift and estate tax, ESOP, buy-sell agreement, and transaction advisory topics of interest to estate planners and other professional advisors to business, has been published.

This issue focuses on Ownership and Management Transition and includes the feature article “Managing Private Company Wealth is a Big Deal” excerpted from Chris Mercer’s newest book Unlocking Private Company Wealth:

Liquid wealth management is serious business. Pre-liquid wealth management should receive the same degree of attention and respect as that of liquid wealth management. The costs of not doing so are simply too high. There is much to be done in the interim between your current status quo and the ultimate sale or other disposition of your business.

Also in this issue is an article entitled “Noncompete Agreements for Section 280G Compliance“:

Golden parachute payments have long been a controversial topic. These payments, typically occurring when a public company undergoes a change-in-control, can result in huge windfalls for senior executives and in some cases draw the ire of political activists and shareholder advisory groups. Golden parachute payments can also lead to significant tax consequences for both the company and the individual. Strategies to mitigate these tax risks include careful design of compensation agreements and consideration of noncompete agreements to reduce the likelihood of additional excise taxes.

There is other information included helpful to estate planners.

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