New Issue of Mercer Capital’s Value Matters™

The newest issue of Value Matters™, Mercer Capital’s newsletter addressing gift and estate tax, ESOP, buy-sell agreement, and transaction advisory topics of interest to estate planners and other professional advisors to business, has been published.

This issue focuses on Litigation Support and includes the feature article “New York’s Largest Corporate Dissolution Case | AriZona Iced Tea: Tea’d Up for Appellate Review, But It Won’t Happen.”

After several years of litigation involving a number of hearings and trials on various issues, a trial to conclude the collective fair value of a group of related companies known as the AriZona Entities occurred.

The Court’s decision in the AriZona matter was filed on October 14, 2014. We have not written about the AriZona matter because Chris Mercer, CEO of Mercer Capital, was a business valuation expert witness on behalf of one side. The parties recently closed a private settlement of the matter, so there will be no appeal.

This issue of Value Matters presents an in-depth discussion of the case and the valuation issues present and is authored by Chris Mercer.

There is other information included helpful to estate planners.

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