Stephanie Wiggins Promoted to Senior Graphic Designer/Marketing Associate

Mercer Capital is pleased to announce that Stephanie A. Wiggins has been promoted to Senior Graphic Designer/Marketing Associate.

“Stephanie brings many skills to her position and has proven to be an integral part of Mercer Capital,” said Barbara Walters Price, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “During her three years with us, she has accomplished much. She brought continuity to the Mercer Capital brand, redesigned our newsletters, created a corporate powerpoint template, led the implementation of a CRM system, and designed a book for publication, among many other projects. She is currently working on the implementation of a new email marketing platform, a website redesign, and an email and web analytics project. She is a leader and deep thinker and we are lucky to have her on our team.

Stephanie joined Mercer Capital in 2014. In her new position, Stephanie is responsible for all digital, web, and print brand design. In addition, her other responsibilities include marketing analytics, website development, publication development, and special projects.