Bryce Erickson Published in The Texas Lawbook

Bryce Erickson, ASA, MRICS, Senior Vice President, authored an article titled “An Investor’s View of Major League Sports Franchises: Outsized Returns or a Risky Play?” recently published as a Lead Story in The Texas Lawbook. The Texas Lawbook is an electronic publication focusing on lawyers who represent businesses in litigation, transactional and regulatory matters in Texas.

In his article, Erickson discusses the value of privately held professional sports franchises. The buying and selling of team franchises are something analysts, investors, and fans alike have an interest in observing. However, are team owners doing as well as some may portray? How about their investments as compared to their investing peers in the stock markets.

Mercer Capital has extensive experience in the valuation of professional sports franchises.

There is a subscription required to read the article on the The Texas Lawbook’s site. However, you can read the full article on our site here.