May BankWatch – Is It Time for Banks to Rethink Insurance?

The May 2014 issue of Bank Watch is available now, which features the article “Is It Time for Banks to Rethink Insurance?”.

It’s no secret that the number of insurance agency acquisitions by banks and thrifts has declined considerably over the last ten years. According to SNL Financial, an average of 60 agencies were purchased by banks annually between 2004 and 2008. Over the next five years, the average annual tally dropped to 27. The most likely reason for this decline is the effects of the recession and less capital available for investment. Interestingly enough, however, the number of agency divestitures by banks has been fairly constant at about ten per year. In the broader market for insurance agencies/brokerages, transaction volume has only gotten more robust over the last ten years, including a record 361 deals completed in 2012. Private equity and strategic consolidators remain keenly interested in the sector.

So is there any reason for banks to care about insurance anymore? A look at the numbers from some of the leading banks in insurance suggests that there is.

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In addition, a recent transaction is announced. This issue also contains links to various articles of interest, as well as public market indicators, M&A market indicators, and key indices of the top financial institutions in the U.S., providing insight into financial institution valuation issues.

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