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Gravity Matters, Especially for Financial Investors

Gravity is supposed to matter for private equity or financial buyers. Strategic buyers can pay up for an acquisition with publicly traded shares that may trade at lofty valuations. Plus, share exchanges are about relative valuations, and strategic buyers usually expect to achieve some amount of cost savings. Not so for private equity buyers, who acquire for cash with their capital and borrowed money and often cannot extract expense savings unless the acquisition is a bolt-on to an existing platform company.

Financial Reporting Blog: Best of 2016

2016 proved to be an interesting year, both in terms of developments in financial reporting and the range of topics covered on this blog. We’ve enjoyed sharing our thoughts in this forum over the last three years and look forward to new challenges and opportunities in 2017.

Guest Post: Solving the Conundrum Presented by Non-GAAP Financial Measures

Vincent Papa, PhD, CPA, CFA is Interim Head, Financial Reporting Policy at CFA Institute. He recently co-authored a two-part report on a comprehensive CFA Institute-member survey on non-GAAP financial measures. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Mercer Capital.

Capital Budgeting in 30 Minutes

The purpose of Travis W. Harms’ newest whitepaper, Capital Budgeting in 30 Minutes, is to assist directors and shareholders in evaluating proposed capital projects and contributing to capital budgeting decisions that enhance value.

Valuation Expertise is Necessary to Navigate Chapter 11

Chapter 11 reorganization affords a financially distressed or insolvent company an opportunity to restructure its liabilities and emerge as a sustainable going concern. Once a petition for Chapter 11 is filed with the bankruptcy court, the company usually undertakes a strategic review of its operations, including opportunities to shed assets or even lines of businesses.

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