Most family law attorneys do not have a background in finance or accounting, yet are often confronted with complex financial issues in divorce matters. The services of an experienced financial expert can be vital to you and your client in such matters.

In vetting financial experts, look for those who specialize in business valuation and forensic accounting. However, don’t pigeon-hole your expert. If your matter doesn’t require a business valuation or the tracing of dissipated assets, a financial expert can still be of great help to you in each phase of the process: discovery, deposition, and trial.

Beyond valuation, tracing, and testifying, below is a list of services a skilled financial expert provides to help you uncover and understand financial issues:

  • Determine financial documentation requests for subpoena
  • Examine submitted financial documents
  • Evaluate the accuracy of previously mentioned documents
  • Assess whether further support is necessary
  • Assemble relevant information
  • Quantify the financial elements of a case
  • Identify and classify marital and nonmarital assets and liabilities
  • Assist with interrogatory drafting
  • Support deposition questionnaire drafting
  • Attend depositions for real-time financial support

In financial situations that may be scrutinized by regulators, courts, tax collectors, and a myriad of other lurking adversaries, the financial, economic, and accounting experience and skills of a financial expert are invaluable.

To receive the highest benefit of financial expert services, hire the financial expert with ample time to assist with the various stages of the case and provide the expert access to pertinent documentation and information.

A competent financial expert will be able to define and quantify the financial aspects of a case and effectively communicate the conclusion.

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Originally published in Mercer Capital’s Tennessee Family Law Newsletter, First Quarter 2018

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