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Q&A: Five Questions with Edward Jackson

Addressing topics such as share redemption programs to the role of non-family directors in a family business, Family Business Director speaks with board member Edward Jackson of H.G. Hill Realty Company for his insights on questions common to family businesses. This post is part of a series of interviews with family business leaders and experienced advisors.

Summer Reading

Family Business Director is off enjoying 4th of July festivities this week. For our readers that are looking for some beach reading, we thought we would direct your attention to some of our more popular posts in case you missed them the first time around.

Family Business Industry Spotlight: Beverage Wholesalers

This week’s post is the first in a periodic series of “Family Business Industry Spotlights.”  In these posts, we will share conversations with our family business advisory professionals who have deep experience working with family businesses in a particular industry.  We think the conversations promise to be of interest to family business directors regardless of their industry.  This week, we talk with Tim Lee about the challenges and industry trends facing families in the beverage wholesaling industry.

Q&A: Five Questions with Dan Hatzenbuehler

From time to time, Family Business Director will interview family business leaders or experienced advisors to get their perspective on important questions common to family businesses.  In this first installment, we talk with Dan Hatzenbuehler, the retired Chairman and CEO of E. Ritter & Company.  Dan offers great insight that we know our readers will profit from.

Five Questions Family Business Directors Should Think About as 2019 Begins

The new year provides a natural opportunity for family business directors to think about the current condition of their family business and ponder what the future might hold.  In this first post of 2019, we identify a handful of questions that family business directors would do well to think about.

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