Weinberg et al. v. Commissioner

Based on our review of the case and Dr. Kursh’s report, it appears that Dr. Kursh used information that was factually based and within the range of reasonable comparisons with market data in his application of the QMDM. It is unfortunate, but the Court was apparently not convinced of the reasonableness of Dr. Kursh’s assumptions and their consistency with “hard data” that was in his report and otherwise readily available.

The Estate of Verna Mae Crosby

A 1997 case illustrates the complexities that can evolve in the valuation of debt securities and the weight the Tax Court applies to an appraiser’s effort to obtain and verify information on a particular interest to be valued.

Fundamental Adjustments To Market Capitalization Rates

We have previously discussed the concepts of normalizing adjustments and control adjustments to the income statement. Developing an understanding of these important adjustments that are made to the income stream is crucial in the process of conducting an appraisal – … Continued