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Does the Money Management Industry Need Consolidation?

The investment management industry is characterized by scores of independent firms who have found success in idiosyncrasy, providing clients a limitless variety of paths and approaches to common investment dilemmas.  Some would suggest that this is the source of the industry’s strength, but not everyone agrees, as evidenced by the Focus Financial IPO two weeks ago.

Wealth Management Industry: Opportunities Abound Despite Headwinds

Wealth management firms have fared well in recent years on the back of rising markets, but the underlying drivers suggest an industry in flux; global investible assets are at all time highs, intergenerational wealth transfer is accelerating, and FinTech products are poised to disrupt.  Yet, many analysts are skeptical about the industry’s prospects.  Rising global wealth means that there are more assets for wealth managers to manage, and intergenerational wealth transfer means that there are also more opportunities to gain (and lose) clients.  FinTech products threaten competition, but also offer efficiencies for agile firms.  Depending on your point of view, the industry is either poised to grow or on the verge of massive disruption.

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