A Look Into The Family Business Director’s Summer Reading Catalogue

Special Topics

We at Family Business Director trust that all of you had a pleasant and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.  As this past weekend served as the unofficial kickoff to the summer season, our intent this week is to provide you with a thought-provoking portfolio of “summer reading” material.  Don’t worry, there won’t be a test in August.  We’ll return with our regularly scheduled programming next week.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these pieces on a beach or by the pool somewhere, preferably with a tall cool beverage in hand.  Happy reading!

Estate Planning During A Bear Market

With the major indices approaching bear market territory over the past several weeks, Matthew Erskine provides some practical tips and considerations for estate planning in bear markets. Despite short-term pain, bear markets can often provide potentially fruitful long-term planning opportunities.

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Building a Multidisciplinary Advising Team for Your Family Enterprise

Speaking of planning, building a team of trusted advisors in a variety of disciplines is a crucial step to ensuring long-term continuity and positive outcomes for your family’s business. In this article from The Family Business Consulting Group, Wendy-Sage Hayward lays out benefits, challenges, and practical steps for building a multidisciplinary advising team to assist your family enterprise.

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When considering a buy-side transaction to expand, many middle-market companies may not consider a merger transaction as an option compared to an outright acquisition. Mergers are often seen as transactions for big conglomerate-type companies on Wall Street, but they can be effective for middle-market businesses as well. In this article, Mercer Capital’s Nick Heinz takes a comprehensive and practical look at mergers and the ways that these often overlooked types of transactions can provide long-lasting benefits to both parties.

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Get the Most Out of Your Board

Of course, any transaction that your family business undertakes will be subject to board approval. Chris Yount lays out some excellent points regarding family business board dynamics in this recent article for Family Business magazine.

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