Corporate Finance in 30 Minutes

Corporate finance does not need to be a mystery. 

In this whitepaper, we distill the fundamental principles of corporate finance into an accessible and non-technical primer.  Structured around the three key decisions of capital structure, capital budgeting, and dividend policy, the guide is designed to assist family business directors and shareholders without a finance background make relevant and meaningful contributions to the most consequential financial decisions all companies must make.  Our goal with this whitepaper is to give family business directors and shareholders a vocabulary and conceptual framework for thinking about strategic corporate finance decisions, allowing them to bring their perspectives and expertise to the discussion.

This whitepaper is the first in the “Corporate Finance in 30 Minutes Series.” Continue reading the whitepaper series below.

  • Capital Structure in 30 Minutes
    • Through this whitepaper, we equip directors to contribute to capital structure decisions that promote the financial health and sustainability of the family business.
  • Capital Budgeting in 30 Minutes
    • Capital Budgeting in 30 Minutes assists directors in evaluating proposed capital projects and contributing to capital budgeting decisions that enhance value.
  • Dividend Policy in 30 Minutes
    • From the perspective of family shareholders, dividend policy is the most transparent element of corporate finance. This whitepaper helps family business directors formulate and communicate a dividend policy that contributes to family shareholder wealth and satisfaction.