Mercer Capital’s Senior Litigation Team Speaking at and Attending the 2022 AAML/BVR Divorce Conference

Two of the leaders of Mercer Capital’s Family Law Litigation team, Scott Womack, ASA, MAFF and Karolina Calhoun, CPA, ABV, CFF will be attending the upcoming 2022 Divorce Conference sponsored by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and Business Valuation Resources September 18-20, 2022.

In addition, Karolina Calhoun, CPA, ABV, CFF is speaking in two sessions.

Karolina’s first session is “All in the Family: Related Companies in Divorce” with Kevin Segler of KoonsFuller Family Law. They will cover all things related in divorce valuation, including entity structure issues, multilayering with discounts, and tracing marital versus separate asset ownership with complex multientity ownerships. Also discussed will be related parties in the business and said impact on ownership, valuation, and division—including the consideration of classes of stock in division, such as GP versus LP or voting versus nonvoting.

Karolina’s second session is “Active Passive Appreciation – Community Property vs. Equitable Distribution Jurisdictions” with Lisa Ann Sharpe of Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson. This session covers questions such as What if a separate property business interest appreciates significantly in value during the marriage? Should the value increase in separate property during marriage be considered a marital asset? How do these concepts differ if you are in Community Property (“CP”) Jurisdiction as compared to an Equitable Distribution (“ED”) Jurisdiction? Establishing the difference between an asset’s active and passive appreciation (“APA”) during a marriage, and then between the date of separation and the date of distribution, can have an enormous impact on the division of an asset in a divorce. Active appreciation is due to marital efforts and is usually a divisible marital asset, passive appreciation is typically not a marital asset. This presentation will address the sophisticated valuation approaches and techniques necessary in performing APA analyses with a focus on distinguishing between performing APA analyses in CP versus ED jurisdictions.

Karolina provides valuation and forensics services for family law, gift & estate planning, commercial litigation, transactions (M&A), and further matters related to privately held businesses, dissenting shareholders, intellectual property, personal goodwill, etc. With her forensics accreditation, she provides economic and financial damages studies, asset tracing, lost profits, and lifestyle analyses. Prior to joining Mercer Capital, Karolina was a Senior Auditor at EY (Ernst & Young) in their Audit and Assurance Services practice.

Scott A. Womack has over 20 years of experience in business valuation. He has deep experience in family law litigation (traditional litigated divorce and collaborative divorce). He assists family law attorneys in divorce matters including business valuation, forensic accounting, and division of the marital estate, among others. Scott has testified in several jurisdictions involving family law matters.