Don and Bryce Erickson Presenting to Fort Worth Tax Institute

Donald Erickson, ASA, Managing Director of Mercer Capital, and Bryce Erickson, ASA, MRICS, Senior Vice President, will present “Valuation of Assets and Companies for Sale or Divorce: Oil and Gas Examples” for the the Fort Worth Tax Institute on August 7, 2015. Grant M. Farrell, ASA, CPA/ABV/CFF, Vice President, will also be attending and Mercer Capital will be exhibiting.

During the presentation, Don and Bryce provide a understanding on how values of assets and companies can vary based on the premise and circumstance in which they are being valued, such as a sale, divorce or gift to a trust. In light of these circumstances, they identify key factors that impact values. Their presentation will highlight examples in the oil and gas industry but will provide a conceptual framework that can apply to numerous other industries, assets and investment constructs.

If you will be attending also, visit Mercer Capital’s booth.