Travis Harms to Address Valuing Start Ups at AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference

Travis W. Harms, CFA, CPA/ABV, Senior Vice President, will present Valuing Investments in Start-Ups at the AICPA’s 2017 Forensic & Valuation Services Conference November 15, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Karolina Calhoun, CPA/ABV/CFF, Senior Financial Analyst, will also be in attendance.

An explanation of Travis’ presentation, Valuing Investments in Start-Ups, is available below:

For many early-stage companies, traditional valuation metrics such as revenue and profit may not exist, and earnings projections can seem quite speculative. Yet, venture capital firms regularly value interests in such firms. In this session, Travis explains the vocabulary and concepts that valuation specialists need to master to value such investments.

Learning Objectives:

  • How early-stage companies are financed
  • Understand key valuation methods for estimating the value of early-stage companies
  • Obtain techniques for valuing individual components of early-stage capital structures

Travis leads Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Valuation Group and is a frequent speaker on fair value accounting topics to audiences of financial executives, auditors, and valuation specialists at professional conferences and other events across the country. Travis also leads Mercer Capital’s Private Equity industry team and publishes a quarterly newsletter, Portfolio Valuation: Private Equity Marks & Trends. He also contributes regularly to Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Blog.