Mercer Capital Releases “30 Minutes” Whitepaper Series

Mercer Capital has released a series of whitepapers titled The 30 Minutes Series authored by senior vice president Travis W. Harms, CFA, CPA/ABV. The purpose of these whitepapers is to provide the management, board of directors, and shareholders of companies a user-friendly guide to complex financial issues. The series began with Corporate Finance in 30 Minutes, followed by Capital Structure in 30 Minutes and Capital Budgeting in 30 Minutes. Harms’ most recent additionDistribution Policy in 30 Minutes, marks the fourth installment of the series.  Planned future installments include Financial Statement Analysis in 30 Minutes and Valuation in 30 Minutes. 

“As a result of our 35 years of experience,” Harms notes, “we are convinced that private companies work best when all of the stakeholders have an informed voice in strategic financial decisions.  Our goal with this series of whitepapers is to equip those stakeholders who don’t have a deep finance background with an understanding of the key terms and concepts.  After reading the whitepapers, these stakeholders can share their perspectives on capital structure, capital budgeting, and distribution policy decisions with confidence.”

Through its corporate finance consulting practice, Mercer Capital’s senior professionals are available to facilitate board retreats, provide shareholder education sessions, conduct independent and confidential stakeholder surveys, and provide independent advice to directors and management on strategic finance decisions.