Mercer Capital works with senior management and boards of directors to assist in strategic financial planning for privately held companies.

Through its financial consulting practice, Mercer Capital’s senior professionals are available to facilitate board retreats, provide shareholder education sessions, conduct independent and confidential stakeholder surveys, and provide independent advice to directors and management on strategic financial decisions.

We provide unbiased guidance regarding:

  • General Corporate Finance
  • Capital Structure
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Distribution Policy

For more information, read our whitepaper series.

  • Corporate Finance in 30 Minutes
    • In this whitepaper, we distill the fundamental principles of corporate finance into an accessible and non-technical primer.
  • Capital Structure in 30 Minutes
    • Through this whitepaper, we equip directors and shareholders with the knowledge to contribute to capital structure decisions that promote the financial health and sustainability of their companies.
  • Capital Budgeting in 30 Minutes
    • Capital Budgeting in 30 Minutes assists directors and shareholders evaluate proposed capital projects and contribute to capital budgeting decisions that enhance value.
  • Distribution Policy in 30 Minutes
    • Of the three primary corporate finance decisions, distribution policy is the most transparent to shareholders. This whitepaper helps directors formulate and communicate a distribution policy that contributes to shareholder wealth and satisfaction.