Parris Presenting “How to Value an Insurance Brokerage”

Lucas M. Parris, CFA, ASA, Vice President, will present “How to Value an Insurance Brokerage” for The Society of Financial Service Professionals on August 12, 2015.

Drawing from his article in the July 2015 Business & Compensation Planning Section newsletter, he will discuss why it is important for insurance brokerage owners to have an idea of what their business is worth. Otherwise opportunities for successful liquidity events may be missed or estate planning could be incorrectly implemented based on misunderstandings about value. In addition, understanding how insurance agencies and brokerages are actually valued may help owners understand how to increase the value of their business and maximize their return when it comes time to sell.

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Mercer Capital’s Insurance Coverage

Lucas leads the Mercer Capital Insurance Industry Team and is active in the valuation of insurance agencies, brokerages, and underwriters for corporate valuation and compliance matters. He is responsible for publishing the quarterly newsletter Value Focus: Insurance. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

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