Three Analysts Successfully Complete Level III of CFA Exam

Atticus L. Frank, Monty C. Hsu, CPA, and Joshua P. Rodriguez have each successfully completed Level III of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam administered by The CFA Institute.

“I am very happy for and proud to work with Atticus, Monty, and Josh,” said Matthew R. Crow, president of Mercer Capital. “In addition to the accomplishment of these three, five other analysts have also successfully completed Levels I and II of the CFA exam. This is a big year at Mercer Capital, and I look forward to what the future holds for these young professionals.”

Atticus is a senior financial analyst and publishes research on valuation issues related to the healthcare industry in the newsletters Value Focus: Healthcare Facilities and Value Focus: Medical Device Industry. Monty and Josh are financial analysts with Mercer Capital. They are both involved in the valuation of public and private companies, as well as financial institutions, employee stock ownership plans, estate and gift tax planning, and other corporate entities.

Mercer Capital encourages professional growth by fostering an atmosphere of continual learning. This includes offering extensive internal training and providing institutional support for the pursuit of professional designations, such as the CFA designation.