Tim Lee to Attend and Speak at the Employee Owned 2019 Conference and Trade Show

Timothy R. Lee, ASA, managing director, will be attending the Employee Owned 2019 Conference and Trade Show sponsored by the ESOP Association. Additionally, Tim with be moderating the panel “Negotiating Protections for the ESOP (or Seller) After the Sale” with C. Grant McCorkhill (Holland & Knight LLP) and Sharon B. Hearn (Krieg DeVault LLP). The conference will be held November 13-15 in Las Vegas, NV.

In this session, panelists will examine steps trustees and sellers can take to protect against post-transaction problems. They will tackle questions such as: How can the trustee protect against the company’s potential financial underperformance post-ESOP transaction? What post-transaction seller protections are typically negotiated in an ESOP transaction? How can the trustee protect against the ESOP receiving minimal sales proceeds if the company is sold while the internal ESOP loan and synthetic equity are still outstanding?

The ESOP Association, founded in 1978, the largest employer sponsored advocacy and education association focused on retirement savings in America, is a national non-profit membership organization. The Association’s focus is on preserving and promoting employee stock ownership through the ESOP structure. Enhancing laws before Congress and regulatory agencies that govern ESOPs and providing its members with expert educational ESOP programming and information are its main concentrations.

Mercer Capital’s ESOP Services

Mercer Capital understands ESOPs because we are an ESOP-owned firm. We provide annual appraisals for ESOP trustees, as well as fairness opinions and other valuation-related services for ESOP companies and financial institutions across the nation.

Augmenting our direct ESOP expertise on behalf Plan Trustees and sponsor companies is Mercer Capital’s considerable breadth of industry and scenario experience garnered from hundreds of non-ESOP engagements every year. Mercer Capital’s practice diversity benefits our ESOP clients by offering real world experience beyond that of most practitioners in the field.

We bring over 35 years of valuation experience to every ESOP engagement. The stability of our staff and our long-standing relationships with clients assure consistency of the valuation methodology and the quality of analysis for which we are known.